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Important Message Regarding Anticipated Rain

Jan 21 2017

January 21, 2016   JURUPA VALLEY RESIDENTS ENCOURAGED TO UTILIZE FREE SANDBAGS IF NEEDED TO PROTECT PROPERTY IN ANTICIPATION OF ADDITIONAL RAIN   As a free service to residents, the City of Jurupa Valley utilizes private providers to supply sand and sandbag materials to fire stations throughout the City.  The sand bags are a useful tool that residents can use to help protect their property during heavy rain and other intense weather events.  Due to recent heavy rainfall, ...

Public Announcement: Help Avoid Unnecessary Backflow

Oct 04 2016

To ensure proper water runoff and avoid potential backflow, the City would like to remind residents and visitors to keep all drains, gutters, and water runoff areas clear of trash, debris, inoperable vehicles, and other objects.  Failure to do so can cause water back-up within neighborhoods and public right-of-ways.  If you see someone illegally disposing of anything in one of these areas, please contact the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Department at (951) 776-1099or notify the City o ...

Facts Regarding Purported Bus Terminal

Sep 22 2016

It has come to the City’s attention that a rumor is circulating that Greyhound is opening a bus terminal in the old Albertson’s building on Limonite Ave. That rumor is false. However, Greyhound is looking at opening a ticket office, waiting area, and drop off/pick up site in the former city hall offices in the small mall adjacent to the Albertson’s building. We do not know the status of the lease with the property owner at this time. It is the City’s understanding that th ...