New City Website

Local Photo Submission Process

The City of Jurupa Valley is in the process of creating a new website to be unveiled later this year! We want the website to reflect the character, charm, resilience, and natural beauty of Jurupa Valley, so we're asking residents to submit their high quality photographs to potentially be included on the City's new website. Photos taken from high quality cameras with high resolution are preferred.

Photo Submission Requirements:

  1. Photos should not contain people's faces or other identifiable characteristics of individual people - no selfies, group photos, etc.

  2. Photos must be at least 1 MB in size of 2200px wide.

  3. Photos should not promote individual businesses, persons, or other entitites within the City - no advertisements or self-promotion.

  4. Photos should be owned by whoever submits them to the City.  The City cannot post photos owned by another person or entity or post copyright protected material.  Send us your stuff - not someone else's!

  5. Photos should showcase the natural beauty of the City - good lighting, clear skies, and vibrant backdrops.

  6. Photos should emphasis the unique characteristics of Jurupa Valley -  "bird's eye" views capturing the layout of the City, images that showcase historic properties and locations, and photos that demonstrate how Jurupa Valley is such a unique place to live in.

How to Submit Photos:

Please fill out the brief form below.  You will be contacted individually by a City representative to discuss your photos.  You will also receive instructions on how to electronically transfer the photos.

Photograph Submission Form

Provide your first name
Provide your last name
Please provide you email address
Please provide your contact phone number email is our primary method of contact
Photos must be owned by you to be submitted
The City must have your permission to post the photos that you submit on the new City website
Tell us a little bit about the photos that you have