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The City Council adopted the City of Jurupa Valley's first locally prepared General Plan on August 17, 2017!

The 2017 General Plan will be the primary tool to guide the development and character of Jurupa Valley for the next five to ten years. The preparation of the new General Plan is the culmination of citywide outreach meetings and several years' work by the General Plan Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission.  To view the Draft General Plan and EIR, click on the links at the bottom of this page. For more information on the project, contact Jurupa Valley General Plan Program Manager Mary Wright at

2017 Draft General Plan

2017 Draft General Plan Appendices

2017 Draft General Plan Environmental Impact Report


A Public Review Draft of the City of Jurupa Valley’s first General Plan is now available on-line!  California State Law requires new cities to prepare a General Plan within the first few years following incorporation.  The plan serves as a blueprint for future growth and development and is tailored to reflect the character and values of the City.   The 2017 General Plan includes goals, policies and programs organized into ten major chapters or “elements” including:  Land Use; Open Space/Conservation; Mobility; Community Safety, Services & Facilities; Noise; Housing; Air Quality; Environmental Justice; Healthy Communities; and, Economic Sustainability.

The General Plan process began in January of 2015 with a series of public workshops, General Plan Advisory Committee meetings, and Planning Commission and City Council study sessions.  In 2016, staff began to incorporate the community’s input into a comprehensive General Plan that addresses the specific needs and values of Jurupa Valley.  In addition, technical studies and a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were prepared that evaluate the environmental effects of developing the City in accordance with the General Plan.  The Draft EIR was made available for public review in early January, 2017.

The Planning Commission began their review of the Draft 2017 General Plan and EIR in January of 2017 including public workshops on January 11th and January 25th.  Planning Commission hearings on the 2017 General Plan and EIR have been held at their regular meetings for February, March and April.   After the April 26th public hearing, the Commission recommended approval to the City Council.   City Council hearings to certify the EIR and adopt the 2017 General Plan were held May 18, 2017, June 1, 2017, July 20, 2017 and August 17, 2017. 

For more information on the 2017 Draft General Plan, contact Program Manager Mary Wright at (949) 489-1442, or by email at

To view the General Plan Advisory Committee Community Values Statement, click here.