Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning forecasts future conditions and needs, identifies community concerns, and provides strategies to meet adopted goals. These strategies are used by the City as policies and standards for day-to-day decision making. Long-range plans, such as Jurupa Valley’s General Plan, guide how the City grows, looks and prospers. Long-Range Planning staff help prepare, maintain, and implement these long-range plans and help prepare and implement neighborhood improvement and community design plans.

To review the City's adopted Planning documents and maps, including the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Zoning and Land Use Maps, and Planning Application, click here.


At its November 6, 2014 meeting, the City Council unanimously adopted a negative declaration of environmental impact and approved a new Environmental Justice Element. The Environmental Justice (EJ) Element is now part of the City's General Plan and is in effect. To review the new EJ Element, click here. The EJ Element contains objectives and policies regarding how disadvantaged and minority populations can have a meaningful say in conditions and decisions that affect the healthfulness of their environment. It also contains policies to ensure land use decisions do not pose environmental risks to these populations, and calls for City plans and public rights-of-way to include facilities for walking, biking, and other forms of active transportation. Furthermore, the EJ Element addresses safe and affordable housing to ensure all residents are protected from environmental hazards where they live. In addition to addressing environmental issues, the Element also addresses personal health issues, including healthy eating habits and fitness goals. For more information, contact Project Manager, Mary Wright at mwright@jurupavalley.org.


Following the appointment of a General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) and a series of eight public workshops on community planning issues and needs, the City has prepared the City’s first General Plan. The City has held two joint meetings of the City Council and the Planning Commission to identify priorities, issues and opportunities to be addressed in the Interim General Plan process, and GPAC held four public meetings and a bus tour of the City to help identify community values, assets, issues and needs. GPAC took a major step by endorsing a Draft Community Values Statement which describes fundamental goals and desires of Jurupa Valley residents. To see the Draft Values Statement, click here

City staff has drafted the 2017 General Plan. The Planning Commission will review the draft and forward recommendations to the City Council in late February or early March of 2017.  Council adoption is expected in April 2017. For more information on the General Plan, click here or contact Project Manager Mary Wright at 949.489.1442, or by email at wright@civicsolutions.com.