Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)


The City of Jurupa Valley is in the process of becoming an entitlement City for the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG).  Becoming an "entitlement" community gives the City more direct control over how incoming CDBG funds from the Federal government are spent.  Typically, funds are allocated by entitlement communities to areas like social services, infrastructure improvements, and housing intiatives.  The City began pursuing this status in early 2017.  Currently, the CDBG funding allocation for Jurupa Valley is administered by the Riverside County EDA.  Once the City offficially receives "entitlement" status, the City will have independt control to allocate funding within Federal guidelines.

Community Input

Consistent with the requirements of becoming an "entitlement" City with discretion over CDBG funds, the City is required to establish a Consolidated Plan, an Annual Action Plan, and a Citizen Participation Plan.  In general, these planning documents broadly define how CDBG funds will be spent by the City.  In October/November of 2018, the City solicited input from residents of Jurupa Valley through an online survey.  The survey is now closed.  The City also held a public workshop on October 18, 2017 to discuss the preliminary results of the survey and answer questions from residents about the CDBG entitlement process.

The final draft versions of the Consolidated Plan, the Annual Action Plan, and the Citizen Participation plan are now available for public review.  These document are available electronically here.  These documents are physically available at:

Jurupa Valley City Hall
8930 Limonite Avenue
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

Glen Avon Regional Library
9244 Galena Street
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

Louis Robidoux Library
5840 Mission Boulevard
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

Important Dates

10/18/2017 - First Community Workshop to Discuss Consolidated Plan (ConPlan)

5/7/2018 - 6/7/2018 - Public Comment Period Regarding the Draft Draft Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Citizen Participation Plan

6/7/2018 - Public Hearing Regarding the Draft Draft Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Citizen Participation Plan

6/7/2018 - Potential Adoption of Draft Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Citizen Participation Plan by City Council