Stay up-to-date with our monthly meetings!

Healthy Jurupa Valley Community Meeting:

 HJV's monthly community meetings are hosted by Josie Gaytan, Reach-Out HJV coordinator, where all Jurupa Valley residents are welcomed to attend and enagage with their fellow community members. The goal is to keep all attendees entertained and fully informed on what HJV is all about ! Opportunities to be engaged in the community are ENDLESS: join an action team, hear about upcoming events, guest speakers, volunteer, meet local professionals, and exciting news from each action team.  Become part of our fellowship!

When: 1st Tuesday of every month, 9AM-11AM

Where: 8930 Limonite Ave. Jurupa Valley, CA 92509


Gardens and Markets Action Team:

Be part of growing gardens and Jurupa Valley Farmer's Market ! Gardens and markets focuses on giving residents opportunities to have access to organic foods and vegetables as well as planting beautiful gardens at local parks and school sites. Where do you want to plant next? 

When: 3rd Tuesday of every month, 9AM-11AM

Where: Jurupa Community Services District, 11201 Harrel St., Jurupa Valley, CA 91752

Family Yoga Flyer

Healthy Eating: Add More Flavor to your Life Flyer

Walking & Exercise Group Flyer


Community Prosperity Action Team:

The more economically developed the city is the more healthy its residents are ! Community prosperity hosts a Small Business Summit & Expo. every year to give small businesses an opportunity to learn about necessary skills to improve and expand their businesses. Be part of the planning process that ungergoes to deliver the most efficient Small Business Summit & Expo. in Jurupa Valley!

When: 3rd Wednesday of the month , 9:15AM-11AM

Where: Reach Out, 8300 Limonite Ave, Suite E , Jurupa Valley , CA 92509


Arts & Recreation Action Team :

" Walk the extra SMILE" Inspirational quotes are more attractive when it is seen on art work! Arts & recreation is constantly using its unique creativity to spread postivism across Jurupa Valley. Murals, inspiring messages, and painted rocks have been noticed throughout the City. Be part of the next masterpiece ! 

When: 2nd Thursday of the month, 9:30AM-11AM

Where: Reach Out, 8300 Limonite Ave, Suite C, Jurupa Valley , CA 92509


Safety & Readiness Action Team :

"It is not if, but WHEN" Do you know what it takes to be prepared when an emergency situation occurs? Safety & readiness can help to inform you about external resources, education, professional guest speakers, emergency kit, emergency planning, and what their efforts are on spreading this information to the community. Learn about the importance of being prepared and how to communicate this information to the rest of Jurupa Valley residents!

When: 3rd Thursday of the month, 1PM-3PM

Where: Reach Out, 8300 Limonite Ave, Suite C, Jurupa Valley , CA 92509


Family Resource Network :

Meet some of Jurupa Valley's healthcare providers! Each meeting healthcare professionals within JV are invited as attendees and guest speakers to deliever information about their organization and services they provide for JV residents. Healthcare is one of the top services used worldwide, be informed about resources that could be used as great referral within our network.

When: 4th Thursday of every month, 9AM-11AM

Where: Reach Out, 8300 Limonite Ave, Suite C, Jurupa Valley , CA 92509