Riverside Transmission Reliability Project

The City of Riverside, in conjunction with Southern California Edison (SCE), is in the process of moving forward with an upgrade of Riverside’s electrical public utility solely by proposing above ground high voltage transmission towers through our City of Jurupa Valley, with no regard for the significant physical, social, environmental, and economic impacts that this project will have on our City. This project will decimate the heart of the City’s future commercial corridor along the I-15 freeway, impact a number of future residents in housing developments approved and under construction, and significantly impact current residents and one elementary school along its route. The City of Jurupa Valley and other interested parties are aggressively working toward preventing this project from moving forward as currently planned. Although there may be a justifiable requirement for the City of Riverside to increase their capacity, this should not occur to the physical, social, environmental, and financial detriment this proposed project will place on our City, when there are other viable alternatives that have been ignored by Riverside and SCE.


Proposed Transmission Line Map


Click here for the map through Jurupa Valley that shows the proposed line as it connects to the existing Mira Loma 230KV transmission line and travels south along I-15, jogging east at Limonite and then continuing south through the Vernola Marketplace to 68th street and then travels east passing close by VanderMolen Fundamental Elementary School. It then travels southeast crossing the Santa Ana River into Riverside. Information on this project can be found on the City of Riverside Public Utilities website by clicking here.


Last year, SCE filed a revised application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for construction of the transmission towers and high voltage lines, starting the public review process through the CPUC. This link to the CPUC’s project portal will indicate the current status of the proceedings with the CPUC and all relevant filings and documents.


On April 2nd, 2018, the CPUC released the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (DSEIR) which can be found at the link above.  The CPUC has scheduled two (2) public presentations of the DSEIR for April 24th and 25th, 2018,  6:00PM  - 8:00PM at Mira Loma Middle School, 5051 Steve Avenue, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509.

The time is now for all interested parties to submit letters of protests concerning this project. Additionally, there will be other opportunities for protest at the future public hearings at the CPUC. A sample letter of protest can be found here.  Please feel free to revise or tailor this sample letter to your specific preference. Contact information for filing protests with the CPUC can be found here.


Several documents concerning this project and actions being taken by the City in response to this ongoing process are listed here with links to each document for reference.