Special Notice

Next City Council Meeting Sept 4, 2014

Open Session 7:00PM

Next Planning Commission Meeting Aug 27, 2014 (PDF)

Meetings start at 7:00PM

Current Committees

The City Council has organized several committee's to work on their tasks. Each committee consists of no more than two Council members to ensure they do not violate the Brown Act to ensure all issues related to their City responsibilities are addressed in a public setting where all concerned members of the community may hear the discussion and reasons for each decision they make and have an opportunity to submit their comments. This ensure transparency for all actions taken by the City Council.


Council Committees
Committee Name Council Member Public Member
Find office space, furniture, and equipment in order for the City to "open for business" on Incorporation Day
Facilities Brad Hancock
Frank Johnston
Responsible for all staffing needs including City Manager
Consultant/Personnel Micheal Goodland
Frank Johnston
Review City Manager applications/resumes and perform reference checks
City Manager Research Micheal Goodland Ron Anderson
Frank Johnston Don Davies
Ed Hawkins
Formulate first year's transition budget and set up banking
Finance Micheal Goodland
Brad Hancock