Proposed Recreation Area at 64th & Downey

Project Background

The recreation area located near the intersection of 64th Street and Downey Street provides a wide array of amenities. Primarily, the area is used as a convenient access point to the Santa Ana River. Pedestrians frequent the area to recreate along the Santa Ana River. The area also provides a convenient access point for equestrians who travel along the river via horseback.

Recently, the City constructed a temporary parking area with stalls, installed portable restrooms, and provided refuse dumpsters to keep the area clean.

River and Parking Stalls

Potential Further Development

In 2017, the City conducted an online survey regarding the Proposed Recreation Area. The survey was created by City Staff with input from the National Parks Service (NPS). The NPS has been providing the City with citizen outreach and planning assistance since the Fall of 2017. City Staff published a research report to the City Manager that summarized the survey gathering efforts and the responses.

The NPS created the first draft conceptual plan for improvements of the area. The draft conceptual plan was officially revealed on February 1, 2018 at a community workshop that took place before a City Council meeting.

Research and Draft Conceptual Plan (JPG)