Traffic Safety Committee


The Traffic Safety Committee meets the 4th Thursday of every month at 3:00 p.m. Meetings are held at Jurupa Valley City Hall, 8930 Limonite Avenue, Jurupa Valley in the City Council Chambers. 

Agendas & Minutes

The complete Traffic Safety Committee Agenda is posted on the Monday prior to the scheduled Thursday meeting.

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The Traffic Safety Committee shall consist of five members, two of whom are residents of the City of Jurupa Valley, and shall be appointed by the City Council.

  • George Wentz, Deputy City Manager
  • Steve Loriso, City Engineer
  • Sergeant Ramie Wood, Riverside County Sheriff's Department
  • Hugo Bustamante, Resident
  • Carol Crouch, Resident
  • Jake Orta, Resident


The Traffic Safety Committee plays an advisory role in order to improve traffic safety in the City. The Public Works Department staff is responsible for providing support and advice to the Traffic Safety Committee. To submit requests to the committee please email the Traffic Safety Committee.

City Staff

  • Taher Jalei
  • Rob Olson
  • Grizelda Reed


  • Assure consideration of common input, community values, and goals
  • Enable problem solving in a group setting
  • Provide a 'sounding board' for traffic related requests
  • Receive appropriate complaints having to do with traffic matters
  • Recommend to the City Council ways and means for improving traffic conditions
  • Stimulate and assist in the preparation and publication of selected traffic reports