Rental & Utility Assistance

In partnership with regional and non-profit agencies, the City of Jurupa Valley can help facilitate short term rental, utility, and other forms of emergency financial assistance.  Typically, these programs are funded through grants that the City of Jurupa Valley or partner agencies receive.  As such, funding is limited and resources are directed to individuals and families with extensive needs.  These funds help keep residents from becoming homeless due to short-term financial impacts such as job loss, vehicle breakdowns, and other costly emergencies.

Program Overview

The short term assistance program can provide a one-time payment towards housing costs, such as rent and utilities. Recipients will need to provide documentation as requested by the program manager to determine program eligibility and compliance.  Typically, short-term assistance funds are used for...

  • Rent payments
  • Utility bill payments
    • SoCal Edison
    • SoCal Gas
    • Burrtec or Waste Management
    • Water
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Employment-related Licensing and training fees

Program Management & Income Limits

The City contracts with Path of Life Ministries, Inc. to oversee the short term emergency funding program.  Staff from Path of Life are available to assistance residents in navigating their situation of housing instability.  Residents are encouraged to contact Path of Life at (951) 786-9048 ext. 29 or email at for more information.  The source of funds (Federal or State government) dictate the income limits that determine who is eligible to receive these funds.  The income limits are described in the table below.

Household Size123456
Maximum Income Limit$42,200$48,200$54,250$60,250$65,100$69,900
POLM West County Flyer