What do I do if I receive a "Notice of Violation" or a "Stop Work Notice?"

How to Clear a Notice of Violation

*Make an appointment with your case code enforcement officer to meet you at City Hall to review your permitting process and requirements.

1.    Go to City Hall (8930 Limonite Avenue, Jurupa Valley) 

If you received a Notice of Violation or Stop Work Notice, go to City Hall and initially meet with the Planning Department.  If you have any questions, contact the code enforcement officer assigned to your case.

2.    Apply for a permit.

Simple permits can be issued "over-the-counter."  More complex applications are reviewed by plan check technicians and/or engineers and other agencies. Call the building department for more on the plan check process.

3.    Schedule Inspections

You are not done when the permit is issued. You must still schedule and pass all the inspections that are required for your permit. Once these are complete, you will receive a final inspection, at which time you will have finished the permit process.

Note about as-built construction

If you received a Notice of Violation for work that was already complete, you still must apply for a permit for that work. You may be required to expose the inside of walls to verify structural requirements, or take other actions to verify that the construction complies with Building Code Requirements.

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