How many commercial cannabis businesses will be allowed in the City of Jurupa Valley?

In order to avoid excessive concentration of commercial cannabis activity in the City, no exempted lot shall be located within a 1,000-foot radius of three or more exempted lots. The distance specified in this paragraph shall be the horizontal distance measured in a straight line from the property line of the lot on which a proposed exempted premises is to be located to the closest property line of each of the three nearest lots on which exempted premises are located, without regard to intervening structures.

Exempt Lot Locations

Exempted commercial cannabis activity shall only be conducted upon an exempted lot that is located in one or more of the following zone districts of the City: 

  • B-P (Business Park)
  • C-1/C-P (General Commercial)
  • M-SC (Manufacturing - Service Commercial)
  • R-VC (Rubidoux-Village Commercial)

Type 3 (retail sales) shall be the only exemption type allowed in the C-1/C-P (General Commercial) and R-VC (Rubidoux-Village Commercial) zone districts of the City.


As set forth in Jurupa Valley Municipal Code Section 11.45.030 (e), the number of exempted retail sales premises within the City shall be limited to 1 per 15,000 City residents.

This number shall increase with each additional 15,000 City residents, such that for 30,000 City residents the number of exempted retail sales premises would be limited to 2, for 45,000 City residents the number would be limited to three exempted retail sales premises, and so on.

Population Limitation

The population figures to be used shall be those most recently estimated and officially published by the California Department of Finance for cities, counties and the state.

According to the current population, the maximum number of exempted retail sales premises that will be permitted in the City of Jurupa Valley is 7.

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1. How many commercial cannabis businesses will be allowed in the City of Jurupa Valley?
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