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Restaurants Open for Business (Take-out, drive-through, and delivery)

  1. Restaurants Open for Business
    If you are an owner, manager, or authorized representative of a restaurant or food business in the City of Jurupa Valley that is currently offering delivery, drive-though, or carry-out service during the COVID-19 pandemic, please submit this form. We will use the information that you submit to promote local restaurants and food business on the City's website. Contact us at City Hall if you have any questions (951) 332-6464.
  2. First and last name of owner, manager, or authorized representative submitting this information on behalf of the business.
  3. Phone number of the individual submitting this form for City Hall use only
  4. Name/operating name of restaurant of food service business
  5. Operating address of restaurant or food service business
  6. Business phone number available to the public
  7. How are you providing food?
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