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1. Does code enforcement remove debris dumped in City alleys, City owned properties and other City rights of way?
2. A car has been parked/left on my street for more than a week. Can you have it removed?
3. Does Code Enforcement address the number of vehicles parked in a private driveway?
4. Does Code Enforcement address the number of vehicles parked in public rights of way?
5. Someone is selling several cars on the street. All of them have “For Sale” signs on them. Can you address this?
6. Apartment dwellers/non-residents are parking in front of my house. Can I get a ‘permit only’ parking area designated in front of my house?
7. Can you ask my neighbor to remove their Christmas or holiday lights?
8. The wall and/or fence between my house and my neighbor’s is falling down. Or, my neighbor’s fence is not built on the property line.
9. The trees in my neighbor’s yard have roots that are causing damage to my property, can something be done?
10. There is a tree in my neighborhood blocking a Stop sign or other traffic signal sign, what can I do?
11. There is a tree on my neighbor’s property that is blocking the public sidewalk/street/alley, what can be done?
12. Does Code Enforcement address the paint color of house exteriors?
13. Does the City address trees growing into electrical power lines or utility lines?
14. Does the City address code violations in mobile home parks?
15. My neighbor’s tree is hanging over onto my yard and dumping leaves onto my pool or driveway. Can you do something about this?
16. How can I report someone widening their driveway approach or putting in a second approach?
17. Does Code Enforcement address rental contracts and other landlord/tenant disputes?
18. My neighbor built a large shed in their back yard/side yard. How can I determine if it has been permitted?
19. Does Code Enforcement remove debris items or abandoned furniture in the front of private property?
20. Can I park a storage bin on the street in front of my house? Or, someone has a large cargo container parked out in the street. Whom do I contact?
21. My neighbor is creating a lot of noise late at night (music, band practice, party, etc.), what can I do about it?