Annexation & Appeals


An annexation is a request to move the City Limit line to add or remove property from the City. Such requests require submittal of an application to the Planning Department and are considered by the Planning Commission, City Council, and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFC), a State agency that reviews and takes final action on such requests.


Decisions of the Planning Director are appealable to the Planning Commission. Decisions of the Planning Commission are appealable to the City Council. Council decisions are final. Any person may appeal a decision Planning Director or Commission decision. Appellants must submit an Appeals Form (PDF) to the Planning Director which explains the reason(s) for the appeal, and a fee, within 10 calendar days following the issuance of notice of an action.

Appeals are scheduled for Commission or Council review at the first available public hearing, and appellants should plan to attend the hearing to respond to questions and/or present their concerns.