Site Development Permits & Specific Plan

Site Development Permit (Plot Plan)

Site Development Permits (SDPs) are required for certain types of development requests, such as:

  • Certain signage requests
  • Changes of land use
  • New construction
  • Non-exempt, detached accessory structures
  • Wireless communications facilities

Requirements & City Staff Review

Site Development Permits require submittal of an application, fee, checklist, and supporting information to the Community Development Department. Minor Site Development Permits are exempt from environmental review, such as accessory structures, temporary events, and sign requests, and these permits can be acted upon by Community Development Director without a public hearing. Site Development Permits requiring environmental review under CEQA require Planning Commission review at a public hearing

Written Notice

 All SDPs require written notice to owners of property located within 300 feet of the proposed project boundaries. SDPs are also required for large commercial developments of 30 acres or larger. For more information on SDPs, see Title 9, Section 1830, Jurupa Valley Municipal Code.

Specific Plan / Specific Plan Amendment

Specific plans consist of detailed plans for defined locations and/or subareas within the City. The approval of a specific plan, or an amendment requires submittal of an application, fee, checklist and supporting information to the Community Development Department. Specific Plan amendments are processed in the same manner as with general plan amendments. 

Review the General Plan Amendment page for additional information.