Parking in Pedley

Seasonal permit parking is enforced on the streets highlighted below. Every other year (odd year), residents must apply for and receive new parking permit placards. All parking permit placards issued in 2021 will last two years. Residents are encouraged to perform this process online through the form system.

Seasonal Permit Parking

Description of streets impacted by seasonal permit parking:

  • 63rd Street from Downey Street to Baker Street
  • 64th Street from Downey Street to Archer Street
  • 65th Street from Kennedy Street to Archer Street
  • Archer Street from 63rd Street to Kennedy Street
  • Baker Street from 63rd Street to Kennedy Street
  • Corey Street from Limonite Avenue to 64th Street
  • Downey Street from 61st Street to 64th Street (east side)
  • Kennedy Street from 64th Street to Archer Street
Pedley Parking Limits (JPG)

Additional Implemented Rules

The following items will be implemented prior to the Memorial Day weekend of each year:

  • Every other year (odd year), residents must apply for and receive new parking permit placards
  • No Parking signs will be posted south side of 64th Street and the west side of Downey Street
  • Permits will be available to residents online and through the attached application process
  • Signs will be posted establishing permit parking for the area effective May 1 through October 31

Online Application

Permit placards can be obtained by filling out the online application. Residents can also mail in a paper application or fill out the paper application at City Hall. Residential parking permits may not be sold, transferred, loaned, or borrowed, to other residences, other residents, or visitors to the neighborhood.

Visitor Passes

Visitor passes are only valid to visitors that are visiting the residents at the address that the visitor pass is registered with. Permit placards must be displayed at all times when parking in areas subject to the parking permit program. Any violation of the rules may result in a revocation of parking permit passes and further legal action.

Limited Permits

Residents are limited to two residential permits and two visitor permits. Any resident applying for more than two residential permits will be required to provide legal documentation (such as California Department of Motor Vehicle registration records) demonstrating that more than two vehicles are actively registered to the address.

Pedley Temporary Parking Day Pass

Up to five visitor day passes can be requested for parking in areas subject to parking restrictions in Pedley. Residents who are hosting planned events are strongly encouraged to submit a request at least seven days prior to the event.

Processing Requests

Requests will be processed in three business days or less. Residents can choose to pick up the day passes in person from City Hall during regular business hours. If you are picking up day passes from City Hall, it is recommended that you call City Hall at 951-332-6464 before coming in to confirm that day passes are ready. Residents may also have the passes mailed to them.

Dates of Passes

Dates of day passes may not be changed after a day pass is issued. Residents are strongly encouraged to contact visitors ahead of time and provide them with parking instructions during months when parking restrictions are enforced.

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