Complete Streets Safety Assessment

The City of Jurupa Valley requested that the SafeTREC team at the University of California, Berkeley conduct a Complete Streets Safety Assessment (CSSA) study for various locations within the City. A team of SafeTREC safety experts conducted the CSSA, which included a walking audit of various locations in the city in March 2021

Assessment Objectives

Through the implementation of policy, design, infrastructure, and operational projects, the assessment aims to help:

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Enhance walkability and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists

Selected Corridors

While the report provides suggestions for six (6) selected corridors, City staff may include other corridors in the city after identifying locations where resources and efforts may best be placed to meet the local community, development, infrastructure, and safety goals and opportunities. The six (6) corridors were studied in this assessment were: 

  1. Agate Street: Mission Boulevard – Jurupa Road 
  2. Etiwanda Avenue: San Sevaine Way – Riverside Drive 
  3. Mission Boulevard: Rubidoux Boulevard – Crestmore Road 
  4. Limonite Avenue: Etiwanda Avenue – Ridgeview Avenue 
  5. 34th Street: Rubidoux Boulevard – Crestmore Road 
  6. Mission Boulevard: Bellegrave Avenue – Pedley Road 

Assessment Outcomes

The strategies suggested in the CSSA report will be:

  • Used to support future grant funding applications
  • Incorporated into the City’s bicycle and pedestrian master plan
  • Incorporated into documents that set forth bicycle, pedestrian, and streetscape policies for the City
  • Used as a reference in future development project reviews
  • Used to identify and prioritize capital improvement projects

The strategies will also help guide City staff in making decisions regarding future projects that will address safety issues and best accommodate the needs of the community.

Assessment Documentation

View the Final Report here (PDF).

View the November 18, 2021, City Council Presentation here (PDF).